How to Use a SaddleRight Pad with Treeless Saddle

Treeless saddles are made of fiberglass, leather, and foam padding. They have a similar feel to that of a cushion without a condom, allowing contact with the horse. A treeless saddle may be a good option for a horse with a broad back or uneven shoulders. Saddleright saddle pads are designed to deflect horse and rider strikes. Additionally, the saddleright pad alleviates pressure points, keeps the horse’s rear cool and provides relief for asymmetrical (uneven) horses.


• Choose a saddle that fits the horse correctly. Treeless saddles come in many sizes and designs. Like a wooded saddle, mounting to the individual horse is key. A saddle without trees should be comfortable for the rider. Place the saddle on the horse and sit in the saddle to ensure fit and comfort.

• Place the saddleright of the cushion on the horse back up on the cross (shoulder) of the horse. Raise the pad in front to allow space between the cross and the pad. This provides more room for shoulder movement. Make sure the center of the pad is aligned with the center of the horse’s back.

• Place the treeless saddle on top of the cushion. Gently pull the front of the pad up again to make room for your shoulders. There should be about one to two inches of pad sticking out from under each end of the saddle. Tighten the cinch (strap around the tummy) to remove the seat from sliding or rolling. Wear a breast collar (strap around the chest) to help keep the chair secure and in place.

How to build saddle pads

Horse saddle cushions come in thousands of different styles, colors, shapes, and thicknesses. A saddle pad is supposed to support the rubbing horse and saddle. An unsuitable saddle can injure your horse. With several thousand stands on the market, it can be difficult to find the right saddle pad for your particular saddle and horse. A good way to get a good cushion garnish is to build your own. Learn how to build saddle pads and always get the perfect fit for your horse.


• Look to see how your saddle fits on your horse. Place your hand in the very front center of the saddle. If the withers (high bony area at the front of the horse and just before the start of the neck and mane) touch the saddle, the horse needs a saddle-built cushion.

• Start with a thick saddle pad placed directly on the horse with the saddle placed on top. If the pad on top of the cross is in contact with the saddle, the pad should be built further.

• Remove the chair and thick cushion. Place a thin pad on the horse, followed by the thick pad and saddle. This should move the saddle from the cross of the horse. If not, remove everything and use two thick pads under the saddle.

Tips and Warnings

  • The best type of chair pad to use is wool. When buying a new keyboard, check the label. The higher the percentage of wool in the pad, the better it will be for your horse. Use as few saddle cushions as possible that will allow the seat to be secure from the horse’s withers.
  • Never continue to use a saddle if there are isolated dry spots on your horse after removing the saddle and blanket. If the horse is sweaty except this one area, it is a pressure point. This can cause serious injury to your horse.

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