How to print our Word documents in reverse order

How To Print Our Word Documents In Reverse Order

Surely we have ever gone to print a document that we have written in Word, with several pages and, by not paying attention when configuring the printer, by default all the pages have started to print from the first to the last, leaving all the pages of our document out of place and having to reorder them all, something that we could have avoided if we had configured our printer to print the document in reverse order.

When we print a document on our printer , it is usually printed from the first page to the last , the last page being on the top and all the reverse pages until the first, which will be the one at the bottom. We can configure the printer, from Word, to print from the last to the first so that, when we finish printing, the page we have on top is the first and our document is already ordered.

How to set the printer in Word to print in reverse order

To configure Word to always print in reverse order by default, all we have to do is open the Options panel and, in the Advanced section, find and mark the option “Print pages in reverse order.”

Once this option is activated, Word will force all printers to print the documents in reverse order by default so that, when the task is finished, we will have the pages sorted.

Printers allow us to configure the order of printing without depending on Word

If we do not want Word to take care of this task, or we want the pages to be printed equally in reverse order from other applications, we can also configure this option directly from the printer.

To do this, we simply have to open the properties of our printer (in each model it will change) and look for the corresponding option that allows us to reverse the order so that it is printed from the last page to the first.

How to print only one document in reverse order

In case we only want to apply this configuration to a specific document, instead of doing it from the configurations, both in Word and in our printer, we can also do it by manually indicating the order of the pages. To do this, in the printing section of Word, we can see a box in which it asks us the pages we want to print.

Here we will indicate that we want to print from the last to the first and that’s it. Word will automatically print it in that order, but no settings will be saved for the other documents.

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