How to make candied garlic

How To Make Candied Garlic And How You Can Use It

Learning how to preserve garlic is very simple and very practical because garlic loses some of its power and spiciness, but it preserves and even enhances its flavor. That is why I want to show you two ways to prepare them because if you know how to make candied garlic, you can use them in many recipes.

In addition, you can confit a good amount and store them in canning jars, ready for use when convenient. So you will never miss a clove of garlic for when you want to flavor a stew, or when you want to make, for example, some great garlic prawns.


1. Garlic head one or more if you want to make more quantity
2. Extra virgin olive oil200 ml

How to Make Candied Garlic

To make candied garlic, the first important aspect is that of the raw material. You must use good, fat, beautiful garlic, preferably the ones you know where they come from. If you use garlic that is already old or wrinkled, the result will not be the same so make sure they are quality garlic.

We are carefully separating the garlic cloves from the head, leaving them ready for use. The rest of the process to confit garlic can be done in two ways, either on fire or in the oven.

If we make them in the oven, we will put the garlic in a small glass or clay dish and add the olive oil to cover them. Then we bake at 150º for an hour. When you remove the skin, the garlic will be confit, being almost a paste, with a very subtle and delicate aroma.

If we confine them in a saucepan in the kitchen, what we will do is put the garlic cloves in the saucepan, cover them with oil and leave them to a minimum, stirring the garlic from time to time so that they are done everywhere. When I prepare them in a saucepan, I usually do it with peeled cloves, but it can also be done with unpeeled garlic.

We keep the oil at about 80º preventing it from boiling. After 40 minutes in which we will have turned the garlic from time to time, we will have the garlic turned into an exquisite product that we can keep in a jar with olive oil for weeks. And the olive oil that we have used, we strain it and we already have an oil flavored with garlic that can be very useful in other preparations.5 4 3 2 128 votes

How Can You Use Candied Garli

With either of these two techniques to confit garlic, you can always have garlic ready for use. The good news is that confit garlic is much softer than raw garlic although it maintains its aroma and flavor. Now that you know how to make garlic confit, you will see how they are excellent for gazpachos and other cold soups, as well as used to flavor mayonnaise and sauces.

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