Definition Of OCR

OCR is the acronym for Optical Character Recognition , an expression in English that can be translated as Optical Character Recognition . The notion is used in computer science to name a procedure that allows a text to be digitized through a scanner.

What makes OCR possible is that, when passing a text through a certain device, the system recognizes the characters as part of an alphabet . In this way, the scanned document can be edited with a word processor , as it is not stored as an image.

In this way, OCR facilitates the work that many people have to do . If someone scans a book with the intention of making a summary, thanks to OCR they will be able to interact with the scanned text through a program such as Microsoft Word , cutting, copying and pasting any word, something impossible if such a recognition process is not carried out. since the computer is unable to understand the text that is in an image.

In addition to the obvious advantage of storing a text as such and not as an image, there is the considerable difference in weight: images can take up much more disk space than texts, and this must be taken into account if you want to have books scanned integers. Of course, not in all cases it is advisable for the computer to perform the OCR, especially if there is no intention of editing the content.

It is curious that only one application can change the capacity of the same computer so drastically, but it is what happens in all cases: although modern processors can be very efficient, especially when combined with state-of-the-art memories and disks, They are useless without the right programs, so the same machine can go from being useless to extremely advanced simply because of the software it has.

The case of OCR is very particular, since it gives the computer a skill that is basic for most human beings: to read. It should be mentioned that it is not an easy task for either of us, although in our case we usually learn to do it from a very young age, which is why we acquire great dexterity, even when we have to face a handwriting that is difficult to understand.

Despite the advancement of technology , OCR still faces a number of problems. Getting a digital system to recognize handwritten text, for example, is quite difficult. The process is often inconvenient to segment the various text units. The same happens when the words appear close together.

Other OCR flaws can appear when there is not enough contrast between the words and the background. Suppose that text written in black letters is printed on a gray sheet: the OCR process may not be able to distinguish between letters and words .

Let us not forget that, just as an action apparently as simple as walking down the street requires a series of complementary actions to avoid obstacles and protect our integrity, the reading of a printed text is the result of several simultaneous recognition tasks, which we carry out performed almost unconsciously, but we take work.

When faced with a text, our own OCR system is responsible for searching and recognizing the title, identifying paragraphs, punctuation marks, spaces between words and abbreviations, among other elements, in addition to making an effort to understand the sources too ornate or untidy and to complete the information in regions that have suffered any type of wear, such as an ink stain or a missing piece of paper.

How To Eat Oatmeal

How to eat oatmeal

Of all the cereals, oats are one of the most complete and beneficial for health . It is a very low-calorie option that also provides us with vitamins A, B, E, and various minerals that complement our diet and improve the functioning of our body. Despite this, many people do not know how to eat oatmeal , or they think that the only way to eat it is hot , so at we give you some good suggestions so that you can incorporate oats into your diet and take advantage of all its benefits.You may also be interested in: How to eat raw oats

Steps to follow:1

The most classic and common way to eat oatmeal is hot, for breakfast. This energetic dish is prepared with the following ingredients:

  • 2 cups of milk
  • 6 tablespoons oat flakes or flakes
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Sugar to taste

All the ingredients should be mixed in a saucepan except the cinnamon powder, and cook over medium heat for at least 10 minutes, stirring frequently with a wooden spoon. After that time, the flakes should be soft, a sign that the oats are ready. If not, wait until they soften. Oatmeal should be served hot with a sprinkle of cinnamon. To this mixture you can add nuts, or fresh fruits such as strawberry and banana to make your oatmeal dish even more nutritious.

How to eat oatmeal - Step 1

2. Another much simpler way to eat oatmeal is by taking it as a refreshing drink , a great option for a snack, mid-morning meal or consuming at least an hour before physical activities.

In a blender, mix a glass of cow’s milk, soy or almond milk, two tablespoons of oats, sugar to taste and cinnamon. Let the mixture blend very well so that the oatmeal flakes disintegrate as well as possible. Drink right away and enjoy a refreshing, sweet and delicious taste. You can find the step by step in our article: How to make oat milk .

How to eat oatmeal - Step 2

3. If you love fruits and meringue, but want a much more natural and healthy option, you can make an oatmeal drink following the instructions above but adding fruits such as banana, mango, strawberries or raspberries. This is an excellent option to eat oatmeal and enjoy all its contributions. As an example, you can read our article: How to make an oatmeal and banana smoothie .

How to eat oatmeal - Step 3

4. If you like to eat your cereals with milk, you can add a little oatmeal to your bowl, in this way you enjoy all its contributions to the body, including its high fiber content that helps regulate blood cholesterol levels and intestinal transit.

How to eat oatmeal - Step 4

5. If despite these recommendations you are still looking for how to eat oatmeal in other ways, surely the recipe for preparing pancakes or oatmeal pancakes will leave you surprised. You only need:

  • 5 egg whites
  • ½ cup oatmeal
  • 1 banana or 1 apple
  • Cinnamon to taste

Mix everything in the blender and cook the pancakes in a good non-stick pan. You can enjoy an energetic and very delicious breakfast.

How to eat oatmeal - Step 5

6. Another great way to eat oatmeal is by adding it to various dishes. If you love to make desserts, you can incorporate tablespoons of oat flakes in the preparation of cookies , muffins or cakes.

You can also eat oatmeal by adding it to your savory dishes , for example by grinding the flakes and incorporating them into your salads, vegetable stir-fries or recipes with minced meat such as hamburgers or meatballs. This way you will receive a beneficial supply of fiber in addition to increasing the nutritional power of your food.

How to eat oatmeal - Step 6

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  • Incorporate oatmeal into your diet, it is a great source of fiber.

How to Use a SaddleRight Pad with Treeless Saddle

Treeless saddles are made of fiberglass, leather, and foam padding. They have a similar feel to that of a cushion without a condom, allowing contact with the horse. A treeless saddle may be a good option for a horse with a broad back or uneven shoulders. Saddleright saddle pads are designed to deflect horse and rider strikes. Additionally, the saddleright pad alleviates pressure points, keeps the horse’s rear cool and provides relief for asymmetrical (uneven) horses.


• Choose a saddle that fits the horse correctly. Treeless saddles come in many sizes and designs. Like a wooded saddle, mounting to the individual horse is key. A saddle without trees should be comfortable for the rider. Place the saddle on the horse and sit in the saddle to ensure fit and comfort.

• Place the saddleright of the cushion on the horse back up on the cross (shoulder) of the horse. Raise the pad in front to allow space between the cross and the pad. This provides more room for shoulder movement. Make sure the center of the pad is aligned with the center of the horse’s back.

• Place the treeless saddle on top of the cushion. Gently pull the front of the pad up again to make room for your shoulders. There should be about one to two inches of pad sticking out from under each end of the saddle. Tighten the cinch (strap around the tummy) to remove the seat from sliding or rolling. Wear a breast collar (strap around the chest) to help keep the chair secure and in place.

How to build saddle pads

Horse saddle cushions come in thousands of different styles, colors, shapes, and thicknesses. A saddle pad is supposed to support the rubbing horse and saddle. An unsuitable saddle can injure your horse. With several thousand stands on the market, it can be difficult to find the right saddle pad for your particular saddle and horse. A good way to get a good cushion garnish is to build your own. Learn how to build saddle pads and always get the perfect fit for your horse.


• Look to see how your saddle fits on your horse. Place your hand in the very front center of the saddle. If the withers (high bony area at the front of the horse and just before the start of the neck and mane) touch the saddle, the horse needs a saddle-built cushion.

• Start with a thick saddle pad placed directly on the horse with the saddle placed on top. If the pad on top of the cross is in contact with the saddle, the pad should be built further.

• Remove the chair and thick cushion. Place a thin pad on the horse, followed by the thick pad and saddle. This should move the saddle from the cross of the horse. If not, remove everything and use two thick pads under the saddle.

Tips and Warnings

  • The best type of chair pad to use is wool. When buying a new keyboard, check the label. The higher the percentage of wool in the pad, the better it will be for your horse. Use as few saddle cushions as possible that will allow the seat to be secure from the horse’s withers.
  • Never continue to use a saddle if there are isolated dry spots on your horse after removing the saddle and blanket. If the horse is sweaty except this one area, it is a pressure point. This can cause serious injury to your horse.